As a community we strive to work together to make our place of living better.  We all want to be a part of a better world.  As professionals we must pull together as a community to do our part with the skills and talents we posses to accomplish the latter.  It is critical that we all provide an example to the rest of the community of how we can all achieve and make a difference.


     I think that in the area of discipline I have studied there is a very important role of community dynamics to play in everyone's lives.  As an accountant I think that each professional can make a unique difference in the functionality of this fabric.  Businesses cannot function without a healthy community fabric.  As professionals we maintain this fabric by the very existence of our ethical codes and professional conduct.  This makes the community a better place to do business as all professionals make a contribution.  I think as an accountant there a re some very hard working people out there who maintain the stability of this fabric and make it possible.


   Community dynamics are everywhere with business.  How important are all of us as professionals to community dynamics.  For those of us that are aspiring professionals, paying attention to the community pillars is very important.  Watching them function in unison is an impressive sight and inspires all of us to become a contributor to our community.  Why?  We are a team.  Working with the pillars in your community can help season yourself as a aspiring professional and give you the esteem and respect from your community.  As you learn you will become more synced with community dynamics and make a difference.


     Teams bring us productivity and success.  I always look forward to working in teams.  Having a team loaded with experience is a great way to accelerate your skill set.  Team leaders are wonderful assets.  There is nothing more rewarding than watching a charismatic and very experienced leader emerge and direct the team into remarkable success.  As a aspiring professional, you can realize you full potential with your team.  Teams make our communities functional.  Professionals all over create amazing products and services in teams.  We don't even realize how awesome a team's work is until the team is gone!  What is  good example of a community team?


     Law enforcement agencies.  Those ladies and gentleman work hard to protect you and your community.  Reach out to them!  Don't forget as professionals it is important to help one another to make a better community to live in.  Consider it you responsibility to your community.  As fraud fighters, professionals are at the forefront of the need of a responsive community with our skills to combat fraud by being there to protect the public.  That means demonstrating resilience in the face of crime to strengthen our community and give our fellow professionals a fighting chance to help.


     One of the most important parts of community is striving together to cooperate as professionals against barriers.  What we learn from this process is beneficial to the community as a whole.  Barriers can challenge us to the cutting edge and bring us to optimal levels of performance in the community, in our jobs or in our personnel life.  the largest barriers can seem so desperate and unconnected. I think being able to understand how they are linked and bring the challenge in front of the community, career or personnel life makes us understand new ways to innovate and be exceptional leaders.


     Being proficient and able to strive and produce excellence alone or in a team is a excellent skill.  Producing results for you and your team is definitely rewarding.  Accomplishing challenges on your own is also impressive to you team members and makes you valuable.  These are all important to our future as professionals to succeed and never give up.  Being polite and respecting your fellow professionals contributions is ultimately rewarding for everyone and yields the best results.


     Working together in a community as professionals that make a difference requires guidance for professionals for the hazards of practice.  Maintaining ethics in a practical way based on sound logic is a key to a functional community.  Making a contribution to that way of life as a professional is the duty of all us pertaining to our professional codes of ethics.  for those of us who work hard for a living outside of the white collar profession, practicing civic duty is something everyone can do and is vital to your communities success.  This harmony brings us peace and civility that we all cherish in America.


      On a global scale you can imagine the diversity and importance of having a functional community dynamic.  Everyone wants to contribute to the better of the world as a whole.  We can all work together to make our communities more effective as a global environment.  A more functional community dynamic in your area can contribute to a better world!



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